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Review: Workshop – The Laboratory Mouse Module 1 (Montreal Neurological Institute)

Attending an in-person laboratory animal biomethodology workshop is essential to work with animals in the lab. The Mouse Module 1 Handout by the McGill Comparative Medicine and Animal Resources Centre (CMARC). Make sure to find the notes from your own institute. Contact us for our concise notes from the McGill handout. I attended a laboratoryContinue reading “Review: Workshop – The Laboratory Mouse Module 1 (Montreal Neurological Institute)”

CPR: A Life Skill

Is there a way to remember all those numbers for CPR timing? Is it really necessary to mouth-to-mouth a stranger to save their life during COVID?When do I know someone needs CPR?These questions have gone unanswered for me since getting my First Aid certificate in 8th grade. One day, I decided I’m not going anyContinue reading “CPR: A Life Skill”

Digest – How Did Theranos Get Away With Blatant Lies? (Scientific American)

Article: The Rise and Fall of Theranos How did this life sciences company claiming to have a drop-size blood test slip through the cracks with so many investors, raising $700 million before being caught? Surely investors do their research; even if they are not scientifically qualified themselves, they will obtain a professional opinion to confirmContinue reading “Digest – How Did Theranos Get Away With Blatant Lies? (Scientific American)”

Introducing Serene Life

I’m Serena; welcome to my brainspace. Here you will find diverse info on health, academics, world concerns, and pieces of wisdom I find on my pre-med journey. Something will be of use to you from this collection of resources and reflections. I am interested in mental health (why people are the way they are), theContinue reading “Introducing Serene Life”

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